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Data Talk Articles


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Dibyendu Banerjee;

21 August 2019 | Dibyendu Banerjee

PyCon India is the annual gathering of Pythonistas, run by the Indian Python community, to foster adoption of the Python programming language. PyCon India 2019, will take place in Chennai, between Oct 12 and 15. This is 11th edition of the conference and about 1200 people are expected to participate in this event, from all over the country. Source :


ananya gupta;

19 August 2019 | Ananya Gupta

The Future Scope of Java Programmer in India is great they can earn more money but it all depends on their skill. When we talk about programming languages and technologies, Java is the most popular platform which is used by the number of companies to secure their data. Java is used to develop several applications for the systems as well as embedded devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets and many more. It easy to learn and understand and easy to share on a server. Starting your career as a java developer can lead you to some of the best practices that have been dominant currently in the IT industry, like Pega, salesforce Java has good for career growth. If you want to learn JAVA visit:



08 August 2019 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Good job dine. Very informative sir.


O'Reilly AI Conference 14-17 October, 2019 London, UK;

03 August 2019 | Chris Tomlinson

Excellent programme with excelkebt learning. Would love to attend on the free pass to get to grips with the skills gap between theory and practice - and the need to upskill. Best, Kerry


9 Interesting Applications of Data Science in the E-commerce industry;

02 August 2019 | Meghna Pant

Very nicely written. Merchandising section could have been elaborated with Space Optimization, which is gaining momentum these days.Thanks.


Big Data Analytics and Predicting Election Results;

01 August 2019 | Ajit Singh

Very nicely explained.


Upcoming Data-Science, Machine Learning, AI Events, Workshops across countries;

01 August 2019 | Dibyendu Banerjee


Nisha Dhiman;

15 July 2019 | Nisha Dhiman

Do you enjoy statistics and programming? Are you currently studying math and statistical learning (such as machine learning)? Are you excited to learn the latest technologies and techniques in data science? If your answers are more than just one yes, your career path may take you to data analysis very soon. Many students in programming and statistics can find a very remunerative career in data science, as it is an ever-growing field with a lot of potential. But right from the start, you have to ask yourself how you are going to approach this discipline and how you are going to tackle the programming challenges ahead of you. And here comes the question that all data scientists had to answer at the very beginning of their careers: should I learn Python or R programming to start working on data analysis? This is a tough question since Python and R are both versatile programming languages in data statistics. They were born in the same period (the late 80s or the start of the 90s) and bot


ananya gupta;

15 July 2019 | Ananya Gupta

Best Hr Generalist Training in Delhi We all are aware that today companies prefer only those candidates in HR who have good practical knowledge. So if you are looking for best institute for Hr Generalist training in Delhi then CETPA is the first choice of students from here they get the best placement in the best company and you can stand in full confidence at any circumstances. This is a Job oriented HR Generalist Training which is designed to put In-depth knowledge and experience in a candidate for practical handling of core HR responsibilities. For more visit:


An Overview of Agent Based Intelligent Systems and Its Tools;

10 July 2019 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Good article.


Utilization of Data Mining in Human Resources;

23 June 2019 | Jyotir Moy Chatterjee

Big data is everywhere. Making good use of big data analysis will improve the quality of work.


Statistical Methods Research;

22 June 2019 | Ronan Duchemin

Thank you to everyone that has filled in the survey or shared my request! 35 valuable opinions have been gathered; 22 came from a corporate environment and 13 are from researchers and academics. I will now close down the survey. Thanks again for your help!


Bias in Machine Learning;

01 June 2019 | Fatai Anifowose

Good to know about this. Thanks, Chris, for bringing it up. I like to have more details so that the methodology can be applied in our day-to-day machine learning endeavours.


HG Insights Fuels Precision Marketing and Sales Programs at Scale with Marketo Engage;

31 May 2019 | Tim Royston-Webb

Promotion of advanced technology requires training of target customers to enable them to understand technology, preferably with examples.


Machine Learning with Python by Ajit Singh;

08 May 2019 | Chris Tomlinson

Thank you all for your support and cooperation.Regards,Ajit Singh

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Meet the Researchers Working to Make Sure Artificial Intelligence Is a Force for Good

24 August 2019

These tools are now impacting so many parts of our everyday life, from healthcare to criminal justice to education to hiring, and it’s happening simultaneously, says Crawford. That raises very serious implications about how people will be affected.


EPFL plans database of light's interaction with all natural and synthetic material

22 August 2019

Effective visual rendering of real-world objects in graphical or animated form depends upon accurate knowledge of how light interacts with, and is reflected by, the material in question, so that its behavior can be accurately recreated.


Google sign language AI turns hand gestures into speech

21 August 2019

Google says it has made it possible for a smartphone to interpret and "read aloud" sign language. The tech firm has not made an app of its own but has published algorithms which it hopes developers will use to make their own apps.


AI is in danger of becoming too male

14 August 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems are becoming smarter every day, beating world champions in games like Go, identifying tumours in medical scans better than human radiologists, and increasing the efficiency of electricity-hungry data centres. Some economists are comparing the transformative potential of AI with other “general purpose technologies” such as the steam engine, electricity or the transistor.


Nike acquires Celect, adds to data science team

08 August 2019

Celect's cloud analytics platform enables retailers to optimize inventory across channels. Nike plans to use that data science knowhow for its Consumer Direct Offense strategy.


The 7th Data Science Summit

01 August 2019

The 7th Data Science Summit, organized by the Data Science Foundation will take place in Kolkata, India in September 2019. The Summit will provide a unique insight into creating a data-driven culture in organizations, and the benefits of using data and analytics to drive the decision-making process.


Elon Musk's Neuralink implant will "merge" humans with AI

22 July 2019

Tesla founder Elon Musk has launched tech startup Neuralink to build implants that connect human brains with computer interfaces via artificial intelligence.


Is this the year of the AI Assistant

19 July 2019

Get 40% off our London summit with discount code MPAIA


AI is helping UK police tackle child abuse way quicker than before

17 July 2019

Police turned to the UK's database of more than 13 million child abuse images to help develop an abuse-detecting algorithm


Facebook and CMU’s ‘superhuman’ poker AI beats human pros

12 July 2019

AI has definitively beaten humans at another of our favorite games. A poker bot, designed by researchers from Facebook’s AI lab and Carnegie Mellon University, has bested some of the world’s top players in a series of games of six-person no-limit Texas Hold ‘em poker.


AI made from a sheet of glass can recognise numbers just by looking

08 July 2019

It’s the smartest piece of glass in the world. Zongfu Yu at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and his colleagues have created a glass artificial intelligence that uses light to recognise and distinguish between images.


MIT Says Their New AI Programming Language Makes AI More Accessible to Everyone

06 July 2019

MIT has created a new AI programming language that they say goes beyond deep learning.


AI in government: What should it look like and how do we get there?

06 July 2019

With today’s widespread focus on artificial intelligence, it is hard to imagine that this is not the first time AI has held a prominent place in the zeitgeist


UnitedHealth invests more than $8M in HBCU data science training

03 July 2019

The money will help Atlanta University Center Consortium Data Science Initiative improve education in healthcare analytics at historically black colleges and universities.


Building trust in artificial intelligence

03 July 2019

From telecommunications to road traffic, from healthcare to the workplace—digital technology is now an intrinsic part of almost every area of life.

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