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Data Science Salary in Google?;

23 May 2022 | Shivam Bhatele

Hello All, I have cleared 4 rounds of google data science interview and final HR round is left. Hope I will select in my dream company. I want to know what the average salary of a data scientist at Google with 0-2 years of experience candidates in New York US? According to this source it is $250K, Is it? Can anyone know about this? Google recruitment team will ask my expected CTC and I have no idea about this. Any suggestions?


Data Science Project;

16 September 2021 | Shivam Bhatele

Hey Shivam,I would suggest to create your own source code instead of relying on others and doing copy-paste.Sometimes copying a code snippet is ok as long as it meets your requirement and you understand it.In todays works there are multiple ways to get the Dataset in the domain you are interested, please get and start working on those, could refer to UCI Machine Learning Repository (, or for datasets. Working on a dataset from scratch will give you confidence and you will learn a lot.Also for end-to-end project you could use Flask / Django etc or some API's and then host that website for real-world, with this you will be able to work on Data Science Project end-to-end.Incase you stuck anywhere then post here in DSF, and we are always here to help.I know this may not be easy, but take a baby step and then we are here to hold the hands.All the Best.


Are Data Science Highest Paying Job?;

09 August 2021 | Shivam Bhatele

Hello Everyone, I am very confused to choose a career in Data Science. I have 1 year of experience in R programming and want to switch careers in data science. I have to spend a lot of time on research on how to become a data scientist and what’s the average salary. According to this post the average salary for a data scientist is Rs.698,412 per year. With less than a year of experience, an entry-level data scientist can make approximately 500,000 per year. Data scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience may expect to earn about 610,811 per year. Can anyone suggest me, Is data science is the highest paying job?


Relationship between People and Data;

22 June 2021 | Muhammad Haroon

Data is an important basis for people to judge something. If the data is analyzed accordingly, people will further understand the essence of something and make it used by people.


Multiple Source Data Processing and Integration;

22 June 2021 | Muhammad Haroon

Usually, the generation of a result is influenced by many factors in a specific environment. The data collection of factors and results is the basis of analysis.


How Data Visualization Will Evolve In Future;

15 June 2021 | Muhammad Haroon

The state of things is transformed into data, which is convenient for electronic devices to store. On the contrary, the stored data is visualized, which is convenient for intuitive understanding of the process state of things.


The Concept of Data Quality and Its Importance;

15 June 2021 | Muhammad Haroon

Data has become an essential topic in the corporate world these days. Everyone needs to talk about the knowledge and quality that can be extracted from the results. There is a good explanation for this—data is among the essential tools available to today's advertisers, agencies, marketers, media organizations, and much more.


Very informative course by Cisco;

05 April 2021 | Prateek Agarwal

Dear All,Recently I have completed a course on the Internet of Things (IoT) by Cisco.Cisco Networking Academy transforms the lives of learners, educators, and communities through the power of technology, education, and career opportunities. Available to anyone, anywhere. I found it very useful.



03 March 2021 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Thanks for the article, nicely explained along with covering the basic aspects.Also I was working on the dataset (from kaggle) on to predict covid through X-Rays, but seems using CNN or others not getting good score or prediction.After reading the article, seems got more details, and will try to implement in the EDA part and then train the model. Hope this should increase the prediction probability.


Understanding Buzzwords in Data Science;

24 December 2020 | Mayank Tripathi

Brilliant work.Very well-written article. Yes, I have heard a lot about this "buzzword" around me and thinking it is the only "buzzword" you need to adopt and survive in the IT industry.Is it true?


Piecewise hazard model for under-five child mortality;

06 December 2020 | Rakesh Saroj

The application of piecewise hazard model in mortality data becomes more useful in survival methods. This method is used to find the number and location cut points and to estimate the hazard model. The objective of this paper is to illustrate the piecewise constant hazard model and to find significant factors for under-five child mortality.


Aurora Serverless Data Security and its Deployment;

17 November 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

In this article, Data Security acts as an important segment. This consists of certain standard levels and various technologies that are used for data protection. This helps to secure data from accidental destruction and altering disclosures. Overall, in this article Aurora Serverless data security is majorly pointed. The AWS creates Aurora, which is nothing but a cloud-native execution of RDBMS. Finally, the implementation of Aurora is “serverless”.


Machine learning tool scans lung X-rays to predict heart fai;

05 October 2020 | Stefan Stoyanov

One of the ways physicians can gain some forewarning of impending heart failure is through the detection of excess fluid in the lungs, and MIT researchers have developed a new machine learning tool that could offer them a helping hand. The algorithm is able to detect severe cases of this condition with a high level of accuracy, and the researchers behind it are hopeful it could be adapted to assist with the management of other conditions, too. Learn more here:


Data set for content-based package selection in the telecom;

26 September 2020 | Thisal Avishka Wijayasekara

I have a Data Cloud Lab and Github too, Ready to contribute someone like you. please send me your resume at I will find out your solution. Thank you


Real Time Data Analytics: Mitigating the Risks and the Challenges;

20 September 2020 | Michael Baron

Agree, with the time researchers has found various tools and techniques that today one can do real time data analysis, but again it depends on the person, how (s)he will be using the tools and techniques with respect to the creativity. As to achieve there could be multiple ways, to use right weights & parameters are the most effective part of it.Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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Snowflake Shapes the Future of Data Science with Python Support

16 November 2021

Native support in Snowflake’s developer framework, Snowpark, boosts productivity while enhancing governance, security, and performance


NIH awards nearly $75M to catalyze data science research in Africa

27 October 2021

New program will establish data science research and training network across the continent.


How Content Moderation Services Contribute to Positive Online Dating Experience

19 October 2021

Online platforms that allow users to communicate and share information publicly. User-generated content (UGC), particularly on dating websites, adds to the depth and variety of information on the internet. A lot of social media platforms attract content that is often derogatory or fake in nature. As a result, such content negatively impacts the user experience and such websites. Content moderation has risen as a reliable instrument in such scenarios.


Top critical capabilities for a data scientist

01 October 2021

Given the significance of data scientists as users of ballooning big data volumes, certain critical capabilities serve them well in achieving their purpose


AI in healthcare: Latest update

27 September 2021

The aggressively adopted Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector enabled with the latest machine learning techniques have automated key areas.


Healthcare: AI-led Medical Coding and Billing Favoring Sectoral Growth

16 September 2021

The Healthcare sector is among the largest and most critical service sectors, globally. Recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic have furthered the challenge to handle medical emergencies with contemplative capacity and infrastructure.


How to Reignite Skills as a Data Analyst in 2021

04 August 2021

While every success is often analyzed using data analysis, it's becoming one of the main areas every business can use during their marketing research.


Top data science and data engineer certifications of 2021

22 July 2021

People who choose a career path in data science can prove their skills in big data platforms by doing certification programs through several learning institutions that offer data science certifications both online as well as offline.


Why a Data Analyst Requires a Data Analytics Certification

21 July 2021

Earning a data analyst certification helps you to get hired by bigger companies. Learn about the industry-recognized certifications a data analyst can choose here


How do I become a data analyst?

15 July 2021

A data analyst is someone who applies technical skills to retrieve, organize and analyze data and report in-depth information to help the firm enhance the production, efficiency, and other aspects of the business operations.



11 April 2021

The presence of data in every field that you can think of is what turns out to be a reason why organizations are showing interest in data science.


Sony patents AI that adjusts gameplay difficulty when you’re struggling

07 February 2021

If battles with video game bosses make you throw your controller at the wall, Sony is working on a new AI feature that could make your future foes more beatable.


Top 7 Big Data Trends to Dominate 2021

04 February 2021

With the rapid growth of big data, emerging trends like cloud computing, actionable data, hyperautomation, and cloud automation will be the deciding factors to reshape how businesses function in 2021.


AI in the EU: Balancing benefit and control

02 January 2021

The definition of AI should come down to its application, with risk assessments focusing on the intended use of the application and the type of impact resulting from the AI function.



02 January 2021

Moving into 2021, Artificial Intelligence will keep on going about as a principle technological pioneer for years to come.

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