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The Role of Data Science in Big Data Analytics;

03 June 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

As the volumes of data increase each day, organisations are begining on Data Science and Data Analytics to make sense of it. This article is a basic introduction to those new to the field


Looking for Health Informatics & Data Analytics Project Idea;

01 June 2020 | Dennis David

Good day!I would like to ask for some ideas related to Health Informatics that I can pursue for my capstone project for my graduate-level Health Informatics and Health Information Management. My ideal project will be data analytics, but open to any health informatics-related project ideas. I appreciate your input.Be safe and stay healthy!Dennis


Looking for Data Science Projects 2020;

26 May 2020 | Shivam Bhatele

1. Sentiment Analysis2. Recognizing the face news3. Detection of the Parkinson disease4. Recognizing the speech emotions5. Age and Gender Detection6. OLA data analysis7. Credit Card Fraud Detection8. Recommended Movie9. Customer segmentation10. Classifying Breast CancerHere are the top 10 data science project which are listed one of my friend, want to know more about these visit here:


An Overview of Autopsy: Open Source Digital Forensic Platform;

25 May 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Digital forensics refers to the way toward recouping information from computerized gadgets, from PC hard drives to cell phones. This movement is frequently connected with criminal or common investigations.


Open Source Solutions for Building Your Own Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage;

25 May 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Very good informative and knowledgeable article for the learners to learn and get the ideas of the working of the different types of setup which are been used over here.Very nice work.


Understanding Decision Trees with Python;

21 May 2020 | Mayank Tripathi

very nice paper for getting kick start. also choice of data set (iris data set) for explanation is also good as it is a well known bench mark data set and easy to understand as well. keep it up


Five ways Walmart uses big data;

29 April 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

How does Walmart use big data? By analyzing customer preferences and shopping patterns, Walmart can optimize how to stock shelves and display merchandise. Big data also provides insight into new items, discontinued products and which brands to carry, the blog said.


The 10 Algorithms Machine Learning Engineers Need to Know;

29 April 2020 | Balakrishnan Subramanian

Machine Learning Algorithms Linear Regression. To understand the working functionality of this algorithm, imagine how you would arrange random logs of wood in increasing order of their weight. ... Logistic Regression. ... Decision Tree. ... SVM (Support Vector Machine) ... Naive Bayes. ... KNN (K- Nearest Neighbors) ... K-Means. ... Random Forest.


Analytics and Emails – Spam;

28 April 2020 | Ajit Singh

Go to the admin section in your Google Analytics (the gear icon at the bottom left corner), Under the View column (master view), click the button “Filters” (don’t click on “All filters“ in the Account column): Click the red button “+Add Filter” (if you don’t see it or you can only apply/remove already created filters, then you don’t have edit permissions at the account level. Ask your admin to create them or give you the permissions.): Then follow the specific configuration for each of the filters.


How to build the internal reputation of your insight team;

28 April 2020 | Paul Laughlin

Here are five strategies for promoting your personal brand internally: Get your boss to help with visibility. ... Join (or start) an ERG. ... Volunteer for a cross-departmental activity. ... Promote your company's brand. ... Leave your desk.


Is There Such Thing As Too Much Data?;

28 April 2020 | Nikitha Lokareddy

Can you have too much data? But the truth is you can have too much data. In fact, sometimes having more data can actually make things worse, leading us to act in ways that can be counterproductive. Sometimes having more data can actually make things worse, leading us to act in ways that can be counterproductive.


Data Scientist's Role & Ethical Challenge;

28 April 2020 | Ajit Singh

What ethical issues are involved with Big Data? But, overexposed or not, the Big Data revolution raises a bunch of ethical issues related to privacy, confidentiality, transparency and identity.


The art of Learning to Learn by using the Power of Meta-Learning in AI;

28 April 2020 | Abhishek Mishra

Very nice article Abhishek. Particularly, Three main steps to create a meta-learning model are too good.


DataIQ 100 2020 launch - live and online;

26 April 2020 | Chris Tomlinson

This was good information given by the author. Kindly post these type of information for our updates.and please post webinar also.


Data analytics is Insurance Saviour;

24 April 2020 | Santosh Kumar

The proper handling and processing of data is at the core of the Insurance business, the process of underwriting is based on data analytics - Quite agree its challenging phase

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For U.S. economy, the bottom may be here, but the rebound is slow so far

05 June 2020

The U.S. economy may have hit its low point in the coronavirus crash but the rebound so far remains tepid, according to both broad indexes of activity and higher frequency counts of cellphone data and employee time information.


Intel, Microsoft Use Deep Learning To Detect Malware

01 June 2020

Researchers demonstrated a technique that converts malware binary form into grayscale images, which are scanned by an image pattern recognition algorithm.


Nvidia Gets ‘Misty’ Over Conversational AI

24 May 2020

GPU maker offers turnkey approach to homegrown conversational AI that promises more human-like interactions, demoed via raindrop-shaped chatbot named Misty


Women in Data Science: Moving from Inclusion to Influence

20 May 2020

Data scientists are much in demand. But there’s a gender gap.


Our weird behavior during the pandemic is messing with AI models

13 May 2020

Machine-learning models trained on normal behavior are showing cracks —forcing humans to step in to set them straight.


Future Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Big Data Analytics Industry - Major Drivers and Restraints -

07 May 2020

This research measures the future impact of COVID-19 on the global Big Data Analytics (BDA) market. The embedded ecosystem has led to a hyper-connected world and the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Thanks to ubiquitous networks, IoT has connected all manner of endpoints and unveiled a treasure trove of data.


How policymakers should use the wealth of COVID-19 data

23 April 2020

The world has not known, in living memory, a pandemic on the scale of what we are experiencing with COVID-19.


Governments must build trust in AI to fight COVID 19 – Here is how they can do it

23 April 2020

AI has become a key weapon in tracking and tracing cases during this pandemic. Deploying those technologies has sometimes meant balancing the need to conquer the virus with the conflicting need to protect individual privacy.


Leveraging AI to Battle This Pandemic — And The Next One

21 April 2020

An alternative approach for policy makers to consider adding in their mix for battling Covid-19 is based on the technology of personalized prediction with AI


Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Big Data Analytics Issue

06 April 2020

Big data analytics techniques are well-suited for tracking and controlling the spread of COVID-19 around the world.


Data Digest Predictive Analytics and AI for Retail, Wireless Networks, and Trucking

01 April 2020

These articles explain some of the latest applications for predictive analytics and machine learning AI


Free COVID-19 online course re-launches to learners worldwide

30 March 2020

Imperial researchers and Coursera have partnered to offer a free Massively Open Online Course explaining the science behind coronavirus.


COVID-19 Data Research

28 March 2020

Find out about the ways in which Health Data Research UK, as the national institute for health data science for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is championing the use of health data to respond to COVID-19.


DataIQ Top 100 List

26 March 2020

The first and only fully-curated power list of the most influential data and analytics practitioners in UK organisations.


5 AI policy questions our presidential candidates must address

22 March 2020

An over-regulation of AI could hand technical superiority to countries like China and Russia, leading to a ripple effect on America’s GDP and even threatening national security.

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The Data Science Foundation is committed to improving decision making. We believe that the use of data can improve decision making, but only if the social and environmental impact of decisions are evaluated alongside the knowledge and insight created though analytics. We work hard to help our members improve their decision making. To make good decisions today and to make better decisions tomorrow.


We help organisations new to evidence-based decision making; collect, process and analyse data. We help them appreciate the meaning hidden in their data so that they can understand more about the landscape in which they operate. We then help organisations who already have the expertise to collect data and create insight, to consider the moral implications of their actions. To think about the social and environmental impact of what the data might suggest is the best possible course of action.