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The Data Science Foundation is source of information on big data techniques and practices. We review and publish industry news, comment and white papers submitted by our members. We are recruiting editors and contributors to work with us on this site.

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Introduction to Blockchain with Ethereum: NYC Data Science Academy Now Offers Course on Ethereum

12 August 2018

NYC Data Science Academy is now offering a course on blockchain. More specifically, a course targeting Ethereum and smart contracts.


Ethereum Plunged 15% Today to $305, What Will Happen to Alts and Tokens?

11 August 2018

The price of Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, has fallen by 15 percent in the last 24 hours to $305, as other major cryptocurrencies like EOS fell 13 percent.


Millions of webstores can now accept cryptocurrency through Coinbase

03 August 2018

Coinbase announcements are dropping faster than exchange hacks these days. It’s just released a brand-new plugin that makes accepting cryptocurrency way easier for millions of websites.

READ MORE Closes Record $4 Billion ICO of EOS

20 July 2018

Today marks the end of the biggest initial coin offering (ICO) in history. An epic 340 days after its launch on June 26, 2017, is set to wind down a token sale that has netted its EOS project over USD 4 billion, easily eclipsing the previous record of USD 1.7 billion raised in Telegram’s private sale last month, according to Blockchain News.


UK Begins Research on Law Reform for Use of Blockchain Smart Contracts

20 July 2018

The U.K. Law Commission has launched a research project investigating reforms that would bring legal clarity to the use of blockchain-based smart contracts. According to a working paper published on Thursday, the independent agency has already this year carried out initial research on the topic and a more formal project is due to start in the summer.


IBM is experimenting with a cryptocurrency thats pegged to the US dollar

19 July 2018

IBM has put its weight behind a so-called Stablecoin, a digital token that, in principle, is tied to an existing government-backed currency.


US health care companies begin exploring blockchain technologies

19 July 2018

The sprawling U.S. health care industry has trouble managing patient information Every doctor, medical office, hospital, pharmacy, therapist and insurance company needs different pieces of data to properly care for patients.


Sequoia China, Polychain Lead Blockchain Startup's $28 Million Round

18 July 2018

Blockchain startup Nervos Network has announced the completion of a $28 million Series A funding round. The company said on Wednesday that major investors in the round included token-focused hedge fund Polychain and venture capital firm Sequoia China, as well as several China-based blockchain startups like wallet services Bixin and imToken.


Fujitsu's new blockchain offering: really cheap or really expensive?

16 July 2018

Fujitsu, the Tokyo-based IT conglomerate, has been long blockchain for some time. As early as 2015, the company was trialling the technology for cross-border settlements; in 2016 it said it had developed tools for securely sharing documents via the power of the distributed ledger; and in 2017, it built ConnectionChain, a blockchain system for connecting... blockchains.


Heres Why The Blockchain Might Change the Future And Why It May Not Live Up To the Hype

06 July 2018

One more super brief explanation: Think of a blockchain as an expanding list of records (ledger). Each record documents a transaction between two parties, (for instance “Mary gives Paul three bucks for five apples”) and is public to everybody on the blockchain.


Florida CFO Advocates Creation of State Cryptocurrency Chief

05 July 2018

The Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Jimmy Patronis, has issued a statement calling for Florida’s government to create the post of cryptocurrency chief to provide greater oversight to the state’s emerging digital currency sector.


Cryptocurrency-Friendly Legislation in Japan, South Korea and Malta

05 July 2018

Are we seeing the beginnings of a business-attraction competition?


Horizontally Scalable Blockchain System Launches ‘Flagship’ Membership Portal

04 July 2018

A horizontally scalable Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) blockchain system that aims to cater to consumer-grade applications has launched the Orion membership portal where members of its ecosystem can communicate and contribute to the network, with the company announcing its DAG token has listed on KuCoin.


IBM and Karantis360 team up for IoT assisted living system

29 June 2018

The system – which uses internet-enabled sensors – can be installed in homes, sheltered housing, residential care or healthcare facilities. It is designed to provide a non-intrusive means to monitor at-risk older or otherwise vulnerable individuals.


Industrial IoT Gets Ever Smarter With an AI Assist

27 June 2018

Like many sectors and areas of tech, industrial IoT is also riding the wave of artificial intelligence-driven innovation.

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Investing in AI: an overview

10 August 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

The hype about AI makes really difficult for experienced investors to understand where the real value and innovation are. I would like then to humbly try to bring some clarity to what is happening on the investment side of the artificial intelligence industry.


The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Retail

09 August 2018 | Karthik P.G | A DSF White Paper

The objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive perspective on the advancements in the area of Artificial Intelligence and how the infusion of cognitive customer engagement can positively impact the infamously unpredictable consumer cyclical retail industry.


Understanding the Safety of Information Contained within Blockchains

16 July 2018 | Chris Tomlinson | A DSF White Paper

Data security has never been a more important consideration for consumers or for the businesses they patronize and partner with. It’s also never been more difficult to ensure. Every single day, consumers’ personal, health and financial information is at risk of theft. This can lead to identity theft, and to serious financial ramifications. While military-grade encryption on websites and through smartphone and tablet apps can be an important precaution, it’s just a Band-Aid. More must be done. Blockchains may hold the key to ensuring data security, but how does the technology that underpins bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ensure data security for consumers and businesses?


Blockchain: A Technology Shift in Financial Services

16 July 2018 | Santosh Kumar | A DSF White Paper

Blockchains, a technology behind the success of cryptocurrency, symbolize an great application of cryptography and technology to one of the biggest problems of record-keeping for financial institutions, and they may create some far-reaching changes in method of transactions. Many big institutions of the industry had invested billions in the new technology, and many other industries have proposed new methods of transactions and ownership shift by use of the blockchains. This article studies the possible implications of the changes for stakeholders into the business like investors, employees, auditors, external shareholders, customers and other parties. The greater transparency, better transaction, accuracy, greater liquidity and lower cost offered by the technology may considerably turn over the uses and way of working of the industries.


13 Forecasts on Artificial Intelligence

29 June 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

This article is about the future of AI. The following proposed list does not want to be either exhaustive or truth-in-stone, but it comes from a series of personal considerations that might be useful when thinking about the impact of AI on our world.


The Internet of Things and the Rise of Smart Cities

22 June 2018 | Chris Tomlinson | A DSF White Paper

Unless you’ve been stuck under that proverbial rock for a few years, you’ve at least heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it is connecting us in new and interesting ways. The rise of the smart home is one way that the IoT is changing things for people around the world – homes filled with devices that can communicate with one another, with people living in the home, and even with outside third parties. However, this technology is not constrained just to our homes. It’s growing in terms of both scope and capabilities. Enter the smart city, where the Internet of Things will impact everything from lighting to the flow of traffic through urban centres


What You Need to Know about the EU’s 2018 General Data Protection Regulation

24 May 2018 | Summer Phillips | A DSF White Paper

Data is everything. In fact, thieves are now targeting consumer and business information rather than financial assets, simply because there is so much more value in data. Find out more about how GDPR is changing the way we all work with data in the midst of this Information age.


Solar Energy Portal Service using IoT

11 May 2018 | Vishwajeet Yadav | A DSF White Paper

Traditional sources of energy are in decline and the world is shifting towards renewable forms of energy. There are around 50 solar power plants in India. These power plants incorporate solar power grids, inverters, batteries and various sensors for monitoring and control. There is a requirement for efficiency and to detect system faults; to this end the data generated by sensors must be constantly monitored and analysed. With cloud service technology, solar grids sensors can be connected to remote monitoring facilities by utilizing Internet of Things (IOT) technology. The huge volumes of data produced by sensors is now manageable, and with Big Data techniques and MapReduce algorithm, it is not only possible to store and analyse data, but predict potential problems. This paper investigates ways to store, analyze and visualize the data produced by solar sensors.This paper aims to analyze following things: 1) Detecting Flaws in solar power plants/farms 2) Analyzing Power generated 3) Visualizing the results


Artificial Intelligence In Search of Protection

10 May 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

This paper describes the advantages and costs of patenting, as well as what can be patented today in the AI domain and what instead needs or should be kept undisclosed.


AI in Financial Trading: White Paper

01 May 2018 | Kirill Goltsman | A DSF White Paper

With recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP), financial companies are beginning to pass the task of identifying and executing trades on to automated systems. Algorithmic Trading (AT), smart stock advisors, and ‘self-learning’ Reinforcement Learning (RL) agents now powerful tools in the financial decision-making process. In this white paper, we’ll discuss how financial companies can benefit from the ongoing AI revolution in their investment and technical analysis, portfolio management and diversification, and other important areas of investment decision-making. Hopefully, by the end of the paper, you’ll have a better understanding of how AI can boost a financial investment strategy.


Forecasts on AI

22 April 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

This article provides a series of forecasts regarding the development of AI and robotics. We have discussed some AI topics in the previous posts, and it should seem now obvious the extraordinary disruptive impact AI had over the past few years. However, what everyone is now thinking of is where AI will be in five years time. I find it useful then to describe a few emerging trends we start seeing today, as well as make few predictions around machine learning future developments. The following proposed list does not want to be either exhaustive or truth-in-stone, but it comes from a series of personal considerations that might be useful when thinking about the impact of AI on our world. The interesting aspect of those is that are predictions made one year ago, and many turned out to be true.


Big Data Strategy: tips and practices

11 April 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

This paper illustrates tips and tools to run a data science practice within an organization. It will also give some tools to understand the stage of data science maturity of the company.


Propensity Modelling for Business

02 April 2018 | Tim Royston-Webb | A DSF White Paper

Propensity modelling is a statistical approach and a set of techniques which attempts to estimate the likelihood of subjects performing certain types of behaviour (e.g. the purchase of a product) by accounting for independent variables (covariates) and confounding variables that affect such behaviour.


What you are too afraid to ask about Artificial Intelligence Part II

25 March 2018 | Francesco Corea | A DSF White Paper

This article follows the first piece on machine learning describing how AI interacts with neuroscience, as well as how hardware and chips are getting created and modified to be more efficient for specific AI algorithm


Human Resources for Big Data Professions: A systematic Classification of Job Roles and Required Skill Sets

16 March 2018 | Andrea De Mauro | A DSF White Paper

The rapid expansion of Big Data Analytics is forcing companies to rethink their Human Resource (HR) needs. However, at the same time, it is unclear which types of job roles and skills constitute this area

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The Data Science Foundation is your source of information on big data techniques and practices. We review and publish industry news, comment and white papers submitted by our members. Our information includes various data science courses available and offered by different universities and online data science course administrators as well as information on data science training & certification. We are recruiting editors and contributors to work with us on this site. Get in touch.


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